Setrics Tracker Overview | Diamond G

Overview The Ranch

Diamond G Ranches—seven locations sprawled over 250,000 acres in Washington and Iron counties in Southern Utah—are home to Steve and Cyndi’s stock contracted bulls, as well as the Gilberts themselves. Ranging in elevation from 3,400 to 12,000 feet, the land is rocky, rugged, and perfect for keeping rodeo bulls and horses in prime rodeo condition.

History The Ranch

The main Diamond G Ranch headquarters, located in Toquerville, Utah, is where Steve and Cyndi reside, along with their helicopters, comfortable way of life—and most importantly, several of their best bulls, including White Magic.

Another ranch at Anderson Junction, which is about 3 miles wide and 17 miles long around the I-15 corridor, is private and grovernment ground.

Near the historic iron mines of Iron County, Diamond G’s 30+ baby bulls roam—from yearlings to 2 years old. Here, they learn how to be bulls. Other than a quick ride-through or fly-over, these bulls never see people. This rugged ground is rodeo training ground.

Another ranch in Wecco houses hay and generally a bull with 65 horses—creating breathtaking views from helicopter heights. In the summer, one bull and ten cows dot the land.

The Gilberts’ pregnant cows live in the desert. Breeding begins in May so they aren’t born in the cold of winter. This arrangement is ideal for breeding and birthing: in a recent year, 45 calves were born and all survived. Covered with feed that helps the cows thrive, this land—a 40 acre farm just 20 miles west of Cedar City—was originally owned by Cyndi’s grandparents. She knows they’d be proud of what the land has become.