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8 Seconds

Jul 7, 2016

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Do you ever wonder what judges look for in a good 8 second ride? Half of the score in bull riding is determined by the rider’s performance and the other half is based on the animal’s efforts. The rider needs to remain forward, or “over his hand,” at all times. They watch for good body position, good use of the free arm and spurring action. Although not required, spurring will add points to a rider’s score. A bull rider will be disqualified for touching the animal, himself, or his equipment, with his free hand. A bull is judged on his athleticism and difficulty to ride. This takes into account spin (right or left), direction changes (movement forward and backward or side to side), kick in the back end, drop in the front and body rolls. A body roll occurs when a bull is in the air and kicks either his hind feet or all four feet to the side. The more of these characteristics a bull displays during a ride, the higher the degree of difficulty. #bullriding #DiamondGRodeos59W-Mirror-Image-041115

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